The Human Touch

22nd November 2021

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Telesales can seem like it’s all about data processing, prospecting, and callbacks and, if you do it well, converting records into appointments.

But actually, it’s just as much about people.

Like any relationship, a valuable sales relationship needs some time, effort, and the trust factor to really make it work.

At Salesbond we hardly ever get asked not to call back and that’s because of our approach – we treat people as real people, which sounds obvious but actually that human touch, even down to the tone of voice, can so easily be forgotten.

If you’re just working to a script, that personal connection is lost and it’s an instant turn-off.

Sales are about being authentic and creating relationships; remembering to make an approach with authenticity, integrity, and respect because, even if you’re pitching something they might need, you’re still intruding on someone’s day.

When we have a campaign, the client will usually only have one dedicated agent so they’re able to develop a really strong relationship. The agent becomes an extension of their business and that’s when the magic starts to happen.

That’s why we don’t have banks of telesales agents churning data, dialling the same campaign. It’s about that deploying the dedicated agent who’s been assigned to building a relationship to understand the value proposition, understand how to overcome objections, understand the client’s diary. It’s that bond that makes us different.

We have a discovery day at the start of each campaign to meet our client’s sales team and understand the values and the culture of a company because we’ll need to emulate them. Luckily we find most of our clients share the same values as us because like attracts like.

When we meet someone face-to-face, in business or socially, we develop first impressions of them even before they open their mouth. Research shows that within seconds, we’ll form an opinion on everything including trustworthiness, dominance, charisma, and how clever and successful they are.

Over the phone you don’t have that opportunity – you can’t see someone so you have to gauge the way you approach them in a different way to create a personal connection.

Done properly there’s nothing cold about cold calling – it’s warm and it’s human.

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