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Sales is our passion; it is a personal interaction between one human and another, which is a powerful thing.

Telesales Experts

As telesales experts we never underestimate the personal connection between two people, and the potential effect this can have on your company’s brand and reputation.

Digitally generated sales leads have their place and may deliver results. But sales is more than that. It is more than a CRM system, scraping the internet and automating posts on social media. Sales is about creating human interaction, to genuinely care, to connect with your customer with authenticity and integrity.

Salesbond’s blended approach integrates telesales, digital sales and marketing with genuine relationship building to create a qualified pipeline that delivers quality face to face appointments.

Sales Bond Limited
Unit 1, The Courtyard, Eliot Park, Goldsmith Way, Nuneaton, CV10 7RJ

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