B2B Telesales Chester
Our Approach

We feel our approach to the sales process is genuinely different. We are hunters, approaching each prospect record with focus and determination.

B2B Telesales Chester
Our Approach

Salesbond will work with you to set the right sales strategy, source the most relevant prospect data and build a B2B telesales and lead generation campaign that delivers quality appointments with decision makers you can sell to.

Once we have identified that a business has “a need”, we will leave no stone unturned to qualify, connect and engage with decision makers and build an authentic relationship that is focused on selling your services.

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We understand that a sales call will be many people’s first impression of your business, and we are determined to make that impression one that resonates.

Salesbond’s team of exceptional Client Success Agents are highly experienced in communicating complex propositions, differentiating your product or service, and generating qualified leads and appointments.

We don’t believe in a “machine gun”, data churn method. We proactively adopt a “sniper style” approach to ensure we enrich prospect data that will ultimately build a pipeline of opportunity for you to convert.

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B2B Telesales Chester

sales ability

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It is this attention to detail and commitment to the integrity of your business, coupled with outstanding sales ability and experience and a real, human touch that makes our proposition so compelling.

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At Salesbond we are committed to success. Our tailored approach starts with achieving a critical knowledge of your sales funnel, value proposition and desired return on investment.

Sales Strategy & Campaign Planning

To understand your sales and marketing activity to date and how we apply our range of lead generation services.

Data Management

Source and provide quality prospect data with the relevant company profile in the desired sector and postcode area.

Discovery Management

Take time to understand your value proposition and sales strategy to ensure we act as an authentic extension of your business.

Campaign Delivery

Deliver strategic telemarketing, integrated with lead nurturing activity to generate qualified and quality appointments.

Management & Review

Measure, review and analyse data to evaluate performance, activity and to plan future campaigns.