Social Media (LinkedIn) Lead Generation

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  1. Our social media lead generation is specific, targeted and human. We will make sure you are personally connected with people that matter and engage with a fuse of content, connections, conversations and leads in a non-spammy, relational way.
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  1. Back in the day, pre internet and pre Covid, salespeople used to network face to face via introduction and events. These relationships were nurtured, they were engaging, they were “real”. We now live in a technological world with coding and internet scraping, automation, and sponsorship – faceless communication that that is purely a numbers game.

Salesbond understand our clients want to create digital experiences at scale and to discover and engage with qualified opportunities which match their prospect profile. But we also recognise that decision makers are real people – they are human beings!

Social Media Lead Generation

We blend automation with personal emails and telesales to create an authentic approach that is professional but individual and unique. We import your qualified prospects into a pipeline of opportunity, documenting decision maker connections in a dedicated CRM system that helps us to build a human relationship.

Social Media Lead Generation
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