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About QNQ

QNQ are a family owned and run motor salvage business, established back in 1990.

Based in South Yorkshire they also have 23 satellite ATF collection/storage sites, covering the whole of the UK mainland. They boast an extensive fleet of modern, highly-equipped, licensed and regulated recovery collection vehicles as well as offering additional services such as disposal of write-offs, inspections and DVLA paperwork processing.

Salesbond’s Mission

With an established cross-country UK presence, QNQ were ready to take the company to the next level and become a trusted partner of some of the biggest companies with interests in the salvage sector. With salvage being a crowded sector in the UK, QNQ had to approach new potential partners in such a way that communicated their proposition clearly whilst positively differentiating them from the competition.

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How are Salesbond delivering

We generated leads and established appointments– QNQ had companies in mind they wanted to target but they didn’t know the best way of going about it. With a carefully developed sales proposition, we pursued key decision-makers and set up highly productive meetings.

We’ve became an extension– Having internalised QNQ’s vision and goals, we assimilated with their core team and worked seamlessly alongside them to produce outstanding results.

We’re on hand to help explore new opportunities– The sales campaign we undertook for QNQ was exceptionally successful. Key target companies are now sending so much work their way they are having to shift their focus on consolidating these new relationships before they embark on another sales drive.

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