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About Netwatch

NetWatch Global offer leading solutions for online and social media investigation, intelligence and surveillance.

Whether working on behalf of an insurance company being faced by fraudulent personal or commercial claims or a retail brand experiencing leakage from their supply chain, Netwatch utilises in house software to provide clients with extensive high-quality intelligence that can be used in court as part of a prosecution.

Salesbond’s Mission

Salesbond were asked to target police forces on a national basis to book face to face and virtual meetings with Information and Intelligence Officers to introduce them to software that locates and monitors social media platforms. The challenge was to methodically identify and engage the various influencers within each force in order to have appropriate conversations with multiple stakeholders that ranged from Cyber Crime Unit Officers to Detective Inspectors.

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Salesbond's Results


Dialled 48 days over 12
month period


Booked 25 appts


Average 2 per month

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