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D2N2 Growth Hub

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About D2N2 Growth Hub

An impartial and fully funded business support service open to SMEs in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Nottinghamshire.

The Growth Hub provides local SMEs with a wealth of support to help their business grow which includes: one-to-one advice via a business adviser, action planning workshops, webinars, access to finance, a dedicated enquiry line, signposting, and peer networks.


Salesbond’s Mission

The D2N2 Growth Hub approached Salesbond to onboard attendees for Peer Networks, a government-funded scheme that helps SME business leaders learn from their peers, share and discuss new ideas and to grow their business by working through challenges.

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70% Conversion Rate Achieved

Salesbond completed 20 days of telesales over a 2 month period and successfully onboarded 21 attendees from 30 referrals providing a 70% conversion rate.

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