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Connectus is a company that provides organisations with a full range of connectivity services including ultrafast business and mission critical connectivity to a wide range of SME, Enterprise and Government clients across the North of England. They focus on building relationships with customers to help them realise the potential next-generation connectivity can have on gaining a competitive advantage.

Salesbond’s Mission


In March 2018 the UK government introduced a Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme with the aim of increasing Full Fibre internet coverage across the UK. Gigabit vouchers can be used by SMEs towards the installation cost of gigabit-capable connections and they can claim up to £2,500 towards the cost of installation. Connectus is a government-approved supplier of Gigabit Broadband Vouchers and offer support and guidance to companies applying for a BDUK grant.

Salesbond was appointed to help Connectus spread awareness of the BDUK grant and get as many new businesses as possible hooked up to super-fast broadband through their infrastructure. The campaign was a huge success and provided Connectus with an 18:1 ROI recurring over three years.


Following the success of the BDUK campaign, Salesbond was then instructed assist with a campaign to sell more of their VoIP services. Again, Salesbond delivered on their commitment to Connectus and secured new business that would provide a 14:1 ROI again recurring over three years.

Going forward, Salesbond will be supporting Connectus with a drive to promote cyber security and to extend broadband to businesses in geographical areas with poor connectivity.

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How we delivered

We were personal– We believe in making real, personal connections with our clients and Connectus were no different. We listened, shared, engaged, and treated them like human beings, not just a business opportunity.

Discovery Days– As we do with every client, we visited the Connectus offices to get a feel for the business and learn as much as possible about the products, services and proposition. This gives us a real edge when the time comes to pick up the phones.

We became an extension– Our goal is always to make our client feel like we’re a natural part of the team. The Connectus leadership describe us an extension of their team.

We assimilated– It’s vital for us that we adopt the ethos of our client company and work positively with existing teams. We quickly assimilated with the Connectus staff developing positive, mutually beneficial relationships.

We achieved– As we aim to do with every Connectus gave us a target and we didn’t stop until we’d hit it.

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