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4 Roads

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About 4 roads

4 Roads are experts in implementing online communities which enable conversations between stakeholders in innovative and exciting ways.

Whether it’s customers, prospects, partners or employees, they assist businesses in simplifying, modernising and automating their engagement solutions to help drive deeper loyalty, enhance commercial performance, accelerate processes, and stay ahead of competition.Their impressive results have seen them come to be globally recognised as the most experienced partner of community software developer Telligent Systems.

Salesbond’s Mission

4 Roads wanted to evolve its business proposition to become an intelligent self-service agency. As their sales cycles typically last 6-9 months, realising this goal meant generating quality leads and establishing qualified meetings quickly. It was a role that required strong bonds of trust, seamless and positive collaboration, and an ability to produce results in a short timeframe.

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How Salesbond are delivering

We’re generating leads and establishing meetings – This was our original remit and we’re performing as promised. As with every client, we’ve focused on curating high-quality leads and arranging meetings that lead to real business and we’re delivering on both metrics.

We’ve allowed new roles to be created – The volume and quality of the leads we’re generating has necessitated the need for the establishment of an Account Management role.

We’ve become an extension– A key strength of ours has always been our ability to assimilate with incumbent sales teams and achieve alongside them. By collaborating with the 4 Roads sales team and utilising their individual strengths we have become a natural and potent extension.

We’re helping explore new opportunities– The success we have enjoyed in a short space of time with 4 Roads has meant we are being included in strategies for breaking into new sectors. With yet another client, we’re in it for the long haul.

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