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Telesales can be one of the most exasperating and dispiriting pursuits one can engage in. Succeeding requires a heady mix of experience, patience, resilience and skill that few can master. Approaching a database or source without this inventory of attributes can wipe out opportunities.

The Sales Bond team comprises professionals who are not only equipped with the tools to convert calls into leads, they are also skilled in designing bespoke sales strategies tailored to your target market and industry sector.

Employing Sales Bond to assume control of your telesales means you will need to think about how you intend to present your business case to leads because with us on the phones, you’ll soon be meeting them in person.

Research & Surveys

Market research is a staple activity for those businesses serious about making an impact in their sector. However, when this research is carried out internally, inherent bias is an unintentional, damaging but common occurrence.

As there is no incentive for us to paint anything but a realistic picture of your target market, the threat of this bias is significantly diminished. Sales Bond provide you only with the data required to grow your business. We provide thorough market analysis to evaluate and compare your standing against your competitors, discover exactly why your customers buy from you and the reasons they don’t.


Sales Bond are highly experienced in the promotion of and increasing the attendance at seminars, workshops, exhibitions and conferences throughout the UK.

It’s also an area that for us is much more than merely a numbers game. We target only quality attendees to ensure a high turnout of the right type of contacts and prospective customers. Our clients also regularly engage us to manage exhibition stands and promote their products in UK and International trade shows.

Lead Generation

Big or small, established or just starting out, new sales are the lifeblood of any business. Sales Bond are the obvious choice for any company needing to raise awareness of their product or service.

We specialise in identifying, assembling and maintaining key information of potential prospects so a real sales pipeline can be created. Keeping in regular, attentive contact with prospects, a business relationship is soon established and the opportunity for arranging face-to-face meetings greatly enhanced.

Data Cleansing

Unless you can afford to waste substantial time and resources, your data and databases need to be current and relevant.

Over time companies change. Their focus shifts, their needs evolve, and their staff come and go. Sales Bond are experts in data cleansing, ensuring that you are targeting the correct individuals at the right organisations before launching marketing campaigns.


At Sales Bond we’re big believers in self-confidence, which is why we’re quite content to say that we know what we’re talking about and we’re good at what we do.

We’re also great believers in sharing our knowledge and expertise and as such deliver training on how to conduct telemarketing campaigns based on the methods we use ourselves.

We will train and motivate your workforce to think and respond quickly and dynamically so marketing messages remain clear, compelling and recipients remain alert and interested.

Our Promise

There’s nothing hidden or ambiguous about the way we work. We operate and communicate with absolute honesty and transparency. Our modus operandi is to work alongside you, generate new leads, and help you convert them into real opportunities.

We believe in a better way of helping businesses, of supporting success, and of delivering real, long-term value.

Whilst helping you make your growth goals happen, we abide strictly by our own rigorously upheld guidelines.

We’ll travel to you and undertake a discovery day

We shadow your sales team to understand your key USPs

We present your telephone number when we dial

All of the appointments will be fully qualified based on your criteria

If a campaign isn’t going to work, we’ll tell you

Get in touch today and see where Sales Bond can take your business

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